Medical Tourism

3 key trends of high-end inbound travel and behavior – There comes high net worth individuals to Japan

Judging from our survey and recent requests from overseas high net worth individuals, there are 3 key factors which they are coming to Japan more often.


1: Not medical tourism but medical check tourism

Somebody has triggered a rumor that Asian HNWIs often come to Japan as medical tourists.
It is in a sense right, but more exactly speaking they are coming to Japan to take a medical check, that is, they do not make a medical tourism but medical check tourism.

It is simply because the opportunities of medical check are more those of real operation, quite natural?
In that sense, in case of building up strategies for Asian HNWIs coming to Japan, it is necessary that we think they have a lot of time except being in hospital.
Some of the main tactics are composed of how to enjoy WASHOKU, Japanese culture, etc.
Thus, you need a mind of private travel designers even if you are doctors and/or they need an operation like cosmetic surgery.


2: Understand the superiorities of registering new companies in Japan


Those who own their business in Japan can easily understand but if you are not one of the managements of companies, you may overlook the fact that a new company in Japan can select a company with board of directors. In this case, at least 3 directors are needed legally.

So, if some Asian HNWIs will want to live and make their families live in Japan, setting up a new company works well for them because they can all become board of directors if they are inclined.
The transition of families are followed by that of funds as a capital. Thus, they can acquire lifestyle platforms in Japan.


3: High needs of business internships


On the other hand, there are more and more needs of small business internships from Asian HNWIs as well as European/American HNWIs.
Their families are aiming at better business connections and relationships with Japanese key sales and companies followed by launching Japanese branches as one of the family businesses.

We also accepted 5 business internships from overseas clients which were eventually fruitful for both sides because business interns themselves are in most cases at entry level of businesses in Japan even if their family business is more or less a big one.


Medical check, setting up a new company, business internship were, are and will be 3 key trends when it comes to thinking about HNWIs Japan inbound businesses.