Tempura Endo Yasaka

Not just sightseeing Honeymoon in Kyoto: Two hidden appealing points – Tempura Endo Yasaka / MYRA Kyoto

Experience Yuino (exchange of engagement gifts), Japanese way of engagement in nostalgic Kyoto

Kyoto is awarded 1st place two years in a raw in world popular city ranking done by famous American travel magazine “Travel+Leisure”.
The world recognizes Kyoto’s charm as the sightseeing spot, but we want to recommend as honeymoon destination.

Particulariy, in “Gion” area, the beauty coexists with a Japanese tradition.
There is one restaurant with sukiya style architecture of traditional Kyoto on the corner.
It is “Tempura Endo Yasaka”, which was established in 1910.

The restaurant values the seasonality, such as serving young sweet fish and a bamboo shoot in Spring and a goby and the matsutake mushroom in Autumn.

Private Room

There is the culture called “Yuino” to bind a promise of the marriage together while both families meet and eat together, and the private room is especially most suitable for this Yuino event.
Experience a Japanese style engagement by all means while enjoying delicious tempura of seasonal ingredients in relaxing atmosphere without minding other visitors.


MYRA is suited to conclude Honeymoon

Almond Chocorate

MYRA Kyoto’s chocolate “Lovely Heart can” is a recommended present at the last of Honeymoon.
It is most suitable for the present of the honeymoon, as this chocolate can with a lot of heart shaping chocolates was made for a marrying couple.
It is also perfect as a gift.
Keeping black and red colored cans can be a great souvenir of Kyoto honeymoon as well by putting memor-able items inside and display in a bedroom.

Why don’t you consider these two options when visiting Kyoto for honeymoon?