The Terrace Club

Revive the beauty and health with wellness Thalassotherapy – The Terrace Club at Busena

Exercise, Nutrition, Rest Balanced wellness program

Beauty and health are important factor for everyone. The interest in medical tourism from overseas to Japan has been increasing lately and there are a lot of people who receive medical care or beauty service in Japan.

“The Terrace Club” in Okinawa is one of the resorts where this magazine focuses on as a wellness destination. Exercise, nutrition and the wellness are nicely balanced in the program to support “rejuvenation of beauty and health”.

Concept of “Wellness Thalasso” is constructed mainly from Thalassotherapy is to regain mental and physical right-mindedness by spending relaxation moment, which cannot to be gained from everyday life, in beautiful and rich nature of Okinawa.

In Thalassotherapy, by making use of a characteristic of Okinawa surrounded by beautiful ocean, it promotes to work from the inside of the body through exercise while receiving buoyancy and the water pressure, and have a treatment with mineral ingredients of the seaweed to promote metabolism.

Of course, moderate supplementation and rest are indispensable after exercise.

The cuisine menu served at The Terrace Club uses ingredients from Okinawa and is good for health with low calorie. Eating experience at the terrace with the sea breeze is not negligible.

Guest room has a concept of “being the place where mind and body can spend comfortably in good health” where you can feel great hospitality.

Quiet time goes by and from the room where light of gentle nature comes in, the beautiful sea of Busena can be seen.

Visiting this luxury wellness resort in Japan should rejuvenate both the heart and the body.