Sumo Wrestlers

Walking Tour with Sumo wrestlers in Asakusa and Ryogoku

“Sumo”, Japan’s national sports, is probably Japan’s most famous sports domestically and internationally.
They bump heads and body together and it is breathless suspense over the outcome of the close game.
What would you do if you could meet with sumo wrestler?
There is a special tour in Tokyo where you will have a chance to meet and walk with sumo wrestler around Ryogoku, known as sumo town, and Asakusa, popular historical town with big shopping arcade and food stands.
This is the only tour where you can not only speak with sumo wrestler, but you will also be guided by sumo wrestler.
Visiting spots include their sumo stable where no one can usually enter, as well as kokugikan, sumo stadium.
In addition, you will learn behind-the-scene stories of wrestler’s everyday life, such as the amount of practice and food.
Interaction with sumo wrestler will certainly be a memorable and unique experience for you.