Local Bar Hopping

Local Bar Hopping in Tokyo

Exploring traditional local Izakaya (Japanese-style dining) in Tokyo is only one of its kind where you can be part of local Japanese life.

Though these local Izakaya places are becoming popular among foreign travelers due to its uniqueness and atmosphere, there are still hidden spots left in backstreet alleys where no foreigners are seen.
Bar Hopping Masters who are bilingual entertaining guide with deep knowledge of complex Tokyo district and Japanese lifestyle will escort foreign guests to places where local people usually gather after work for drinking.
Not only you will be instructed culture, daily life of local people, and local area, but you will also be explained about Izakaya food and beverage, so there is nothing to worry about what you will eat and drink, although the entire menu at those Izakayas is in Japanese.

Visiting non-touristy spots is an perfect experience to touch and feel the local culture and people.
Taking full advantage of attending this experience program is definitely a travel option in Tokyo.